Gerald Grain Center Hamler Project - January 2022


Thanks to Michael Cohrs at our Ridgeville location for bringing the drone out and taking some updated pictures of the project!The crews have been hard at it lately, check the progress below!

As we approach harvest, we want to say thank you now to our customers for being patient and understanding as we learn the new system and do our best to serve you! Have a safe harvest!



Hamler Facility Project: Rail House Repair

  • Liner and Crack & Patch Repair
    • Install 90’ Tall, 4” thick liners in Rail House Silos #1, 2, 3, 4
    • Exterior Concrete Spalling & Patch Repair Silos #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11
  • Roof Demo, Replacement & Coating application
    • Demo headhouse structure and remove concrete structure
      • Install new truss/beam support seats as needed in each silo
      • Provide and install metal roof deck
      • Provide and install reinforcing steel installed on the metal deck
      • Form the outside edge and cornice of the silo
      • Pour roof structure with 4000 psi concrete, trowel smooth
    • Seamless Roof Coating
  • Hopper Installation on Silos #1, 2, 3, 4
    • Remove existing floors and replace with new 38-degree slope floors.
      • Will enable grain to flow freely, allowing for hands free grain removal which will provide safety to our employees



Hamler Facility Project: Upgrades

  • Overhead Fill Conveyors (2X Capacity!)
    • Removal of all existing 8,000 bph overhead conveyors throughout entire facility
    • Replace existing conveyors with new, 16,000 bph conveyors
    • 2-Reversing 16k bph Conveyors from Stout House to Rail House
  • Grain Receiving (Nearly 2X Capacity!)
    • New CAS 15,000 bph Bucket Elevator in Rail House (south dump pit)
    • New 15k bph Pit Conveyor (South Pit)
    • Will have receiving capacity of 31,000 bph
  • Inside Pit Building Floor Upgrade (2 South Pits)
    • Removal of existing floor (concrete/asphalt)
    • New Concrete Floor
  • Electrical
    • Complete upgrade on all electrical throughout facility
    • Replace existing 5 MCC rooms with 2 MCC Rooms
    • New Control Panels
    • CMC Hazard Monitoring System on new bucket elevator and (5) existing bucket elevators.
    • CMC Hazard Monitoring System including webserver, bus convertors, FI boxes, speed sensors, plug switches, rub blocks, bearing sensors.
    • LED light fixtures on top of towers, light fixtures on catwalks, head of the bucket elevator and on the tail and head of conveyors.
    • New PLC Control Panels