Unprecedented Spring, Corn Breaks 20c?
Alan Palmer of www.HighGroundTrading.com - InsideFutures.com - Thu Jun 20, 10:07AM CDT

845am immed comment here- NASD low day sess is big NL- Stocks sharply higher is risk,

Back under nasd u- 7775.71- 7778 only pivot. This may have been low. NO BEARISH SELLING OVER OLS. Back under maybe, call or email for a look. BOZ breakout NL day 4. 2900 is next #.

Corn did break 20c in overnight. No stop rule in overnight HFT punk buying, come in in am and look. Safe but trading markets. WTTW USDA guy hyping how bad. IT IS but lets buy breaks and or spreads. Calls naked long to hedge against, or WITH?

US Dollar- look out below, get your levels. Game on across board. Expect parabolic. Buy gold, any break but GCZ has a tiny next OLS (IMO OL is genesis of algo) 1411 but it is busy so if you have opinion, I have a level. Always use a stop immediately if I am correct here macro speaking.

Subject: Unprecedented Spring, Corn Breaks 20c?

Wildest Commodity Futures Markets Solstice, SOLD SOLD SOLD. (pit lingo- consumates buy or sale CBOT, not CME, many CME guys said sold, bad fate).

Good Wild morning cowboy speculator gamblers, trigger happy traders. Your market to make a year in 6-8 weeks is almost over in corn. I was bearish on bullish planting failure in corn price. We only trade price.

New student bought US Steel, And Alum stock OLBs? Nat gas too?

Well done. You can't trade everything but I Can, Put chart- extremes, TSLA, FC maybe, new low stop! It's all I Gotz. Gold is very bullish into what big? Nope, your wrong and that doesn't matter. Purple lines? My chart service will put wide levels in front of you early and if your big trader needs a phone call on EVENT DAY? ARE YOU KIDDING? Sold,

I used to work, talk markets with thousands of really smart traders daily. You learn other brains rules.

Like my 1987 lesson from that crash.

I did not have that indicator but I was close. My green horizontal line actually is an algo play that I just noticed after. It is go to ever since. For sale.

Then watch opening print. Bite bullet already and cough up some dough to learn. Consider learning futures trading from a floor local independant trader?

Game on

Corn- We are looking to scale down Buy, until it hurts, spread against beans, SH made new high by ticks and WHAT! If your willing to pay up to learn some crazy methods of algo ideas where you SLAP it right at old highs SH 962 or lows like hogs on alert for bulls at any moment. FOCUS ON PRICE RISK.

BUY MY LINE OR OLIVE and kiss your ratsass goodbye.

Then it is the top.

Take those educated bets at levels before it happens.

Remember your retail. You buy too late instead of taking good small bets on lines on my charts..

Your a big shot? Ok 50k Cattleman let me place 80% firesale items by my definition when we get in lower quintile. Get it? Hey brainy guys. For less than a 2 lot that you held $1600 AGAINST YOU (yeah I know it's coming back, but now your out of step because you have your balls, not the cattles (are you serious?)


A loser. If your holding losers your trading like a loser. Trader mentors, down here in day

at CBOT would slap you around for having bad trading habits but

HOW ELSE DO YOU LEARN? I cant hear you my freebie smart, yet maybe not, student of markets? Hang on to that 2 lot long hog and tell me how smart that is.

Seriously I think it is evil technology that the Chicago Trading floors vanished.

How do you learn to think like a pit trader TODAY?

If you want to pay me to learn and run with 5 conditions each, costing me $50k, Im old

Those were bad days but anyway I can run videos if enough guys signed up and I can get that infrastructure (a video on FC ? to Gold?, Lumber OLS sitting up there 411 ish for months


"I Will commit to sell lumber at 411 even though it was crazy bet when lumber was under 300mofu?

Your filled at 30% higher levels in nanoseconds, strike that, last months low!

One month 30% move.

Expect Unexpected then Take Advantage of being flat looking for extremes to fade their ass.

If that's you BUT

WE have to scale 1lots to remind us YOUR CALLS GOT CUT IN HALF Alanism rule.

MSFT outlook sucks so this has to end.

Let's do Business and I will setup a forum tailored to your trading style.

Short vs long term subsets of my lines I see mkt confined or predicting.

WE MUST have OPEN Orders working to get filled at extremes.

If you want to trade anything email me your stock or commodity, maybe spread,

BeanCorn ? Whoa whoa.

2 units, 2by5 moves $10,000 fast. I MEAN $20K

this is nasd this am- I was on with my pro buddy, he played lines early, watch this. We aint staying here long.


Need a line or level? If you see value in paid research let me know.

Other CQG Dr. Told me long corn position beside my deal. That night I was bearish, figured his big dough, called Dr office next day and said SELL HALF CORN LONGS IMMED.

You really have to learn the numbers your up against.

Mine. The lessons that stopped me out at exact lows over years. Those were called drawdowns.


Not shouting in public. Simple trading rules I am willing to share, broker, giveup fee to me in your current account. Let me know.

Another figured (MSFT auto spell Futures!) account for access and a good head on shoulders.

For new folks call back and let's talk turkey. Markets are not slowing down now imho.

Call or fill out forms below. Join NASDOG and I will get something out, email priority, whatever you need, try me for my algo artwork levels, timeframes, enough. Peace

Best of Learning how to Trade. One does not determine the cost of tuition in game of speculation. I give you my word on that. Call

Alan Palmer

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