Option Shortsellers Pay Price lesson
Alan Palmer of www.HighGroundTrading.com - InsideFutures.com - Fri Jan 11, 1:54PM CST

All opinions chart levels, news and fake, truth and Knots, subject to change in fantaseconds in todays futures markets.

Chinese Yuan hits 5 month high, bloom. Really, I posted a pretty major OLS 7.02 sell. Does your guy know they go for stops over the figure? And an money colored Olive? Sold. US Dollar topped. One day we will be a sloshing pesos.

Get it? Pesos coming in. See Mex Chart, Braz Real, Aussie

If you trade currencies feel free to email for my look at your product. Yeah its free. Once anyway.

This experiment cannot work without a drastic standard of living fall.

A Wall is an Emergency. Yesterday on bloom, as soon as the US Border Guard, looked Mexican started to speak,

Bloomberg cut his voice out. Is this the Media the US public despises?

Think how it applies to markets.

Standard of Living.

Blowups hit record. Hedge funds (rumored now short crude? Yikes) smartest people on the street blew up in days last year. It matters imo because volatility goes up exponentially. Some very large ones lost 34%. Vol is here to stay is my opinion. CRUDE has small OLS 54.45, 53.07 both hit last two days..

NAT GAS 3.50 blast over $5.00, then falls apart 40% back under $3.00!

Does this strike as odd? Then we tag OLB 2.87 ??ish, July 2.68. Now you would be long with stop.

Did your revolutionary data pick up those ideas? Having access has nothing to do with technical analysis artwork that show live patterns unfolding. Bonds week 9. Sell next week?

Or did you sell 2 calls against ? (it doesn't matter) and then you found yourself long on 40% Break?

Fast Market conditions I continue to think are in front of US. Remember the 1970s?

My fellow CBOT Soybean Pit Trader Pro Mark Gold so eloquently talked about this recently on MarktoMarket. Iptv.org. It is the episode, girl kept asking him his favorite Christmas anything. I saw watch it to learn other views.

Some recent newcomers along with the brightest hedge funds, have learned what floor traders learned as options came out decades ago. Like Billy BLO (CBOT badge) that would sell 10,000 puts or calls for a couple eighths.

True Very Intelligent Trader.

Your not that smart. Trust me on this. If you don't have a spread sheet out. AND like MAG points out for Farmers,

WHAT is your GamePlan once over those ratio calls your short? I think that is where you lose a lot in slippage. Pros Traders are out or flat immediately. I am reverse, look for lotto's.

Dumb it down Alan

Selling option premium is like picking up NICKLES


(Old trader lore)

What if your in an auction daily? Do you give your broker a feel? Sell, price higher just in case they blow shorts? Live cattle in play, Feb slips, April hangs olive sell.

LCG 125-ish levels cited previous. It Friday and what week ? This can be a good bet on turns.

Settle down. I will control, or try your emotion with stops that I think have proven out Methodology.

Cocoa around levels. C-Wave into an Olive sell? Sell dollar against neckline now?

Risk tiny on lotto tickets.

Oh yeah, $20for options.

I am looking for shooters. I want to price so you can play. Discount, you deserve one.

Buy at 3/8's type plays for lotto tickets. BUT I say we sell at 7-8c 1st time up.

Call and hear my story of what I came out of Tudor with on playing options speculatively.

Short dated options is for sharp shooters.

I can offer that on my CQG trading software.

Buy 1 call, when they cut it in half? Call if looking for new perspective. Yes this is different.

It's my tool I like to think that can offer Rural Folks value. Think competitive trading teams that trade 10,000 lots. Truth is much more. My Dow buddy sent me a 2500 lot (minis). Big ones were 5 x that in my old days in the Pits. Yesterday. 2500 Spus one price. That is that guys Trader Profile.

Spus are an animal and they just may make run to record highs and not look back.

Call if looking for that type of thought process.

Traders must be skeptical rant is available.

Always use stops or risk possible ruin. That is my humble opinion.

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